Mayor of Orland Park uses Village Trustee Board for Political Attack on Opponent

April 18, 2022
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Scott Kaspar resigned from the Orland Park Police Pension Board on April 4th. Yet nine days later, Mayor Keith Pekau is holding an Orland Park Trustee Board meeting to determine if Kaspar should be removed from a board on which Kaspar no longer sits.

Orland Park— April 18, 2022 — Orland Park Mayor Keith Pekau holding an Orland Park Village Board meeting tonight to discuss whether to remove Scott Kaspar from the Orland Park Police Pension Fund Board. But there’s a twist. Scott Kaspar resigned from his position on the board on April 4th. (See attachments).

This meeting brings of some serious questions for Mayor Pekau. Is he abusing his power as Mayor to attack his political opponent in the 2022 6th Congressional District Republican primary? Has Mayor Pekau informed the Orland Park Village Board prior to tonight’s meeting about the resignation letter he received from Kaspar on April 4th?

Kaspar had this to say about tonight’s board meeting:

“Apparently Keith Pekau had no intention for me to attend this meeting. I was not formally invited to attend, nor was I given any notice about it. I resigned from the board on April 4th to make certain Orland Park wouldn’t be dragged into the middle of a political campaign. It’s unfortunate Keith doesn’t share that concern.”

The Kaspar campaign is taking all this in as a good sign their candidate is making great progress in his effort to gain the Republican nomination in the new 6th Congressional District.

“This makes me believe all our hard efforts are paying off,” said Kaspar. “I’ve observed through the years that when a politician has to use their elected office to attack an opponent they are struggling and trying to find ways to get back the momentum. For my part, I’ll be taking a few days here to relax with my family on a short vacation before I hit the campaign trail again after mid-week.”

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Page One of Resignation Letter

Page Two of Resignation Letter

Page Three of Resignation Letter