The Kaspar/Kerik Public Safety Task Force: taking on the real problem of crime in the 6th Congressional District

March 21, 2022
2 minute read

We just released a video where I am putting a focus on the real problem of crime in Illinois' 6th Congressional district and indeed all the the Chicago Suburbs. The failures of Chicago and the negligence of Cook County Prosecutor Kim Foxx and some of our local officials are creating a crisis we must address now.

Some are saying that crime is at a 27-year low in Orland Park. Those of us who live here know that's not quite true. True, less crimes are being prosecuted, but there's too much crime happening that never goes before a judge. Something must change now for everyone here in Chicago's suburbs.

That's why I teamed up with Former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik to form the Kaspar Public Safety Task Force. The people of the 6th Congressional District need real answers to crime. So working with America's Crimefighter, Bernard Kerik, I'm going to advance real solutions that bring real results that will lower crime in our district.

I spent some time this past weekend at Mar-a-Lago meeting with Commissioner Kerik and Mayor Rudy Giuliani where we discussed some of these important issue. It was so helpful hearing from these men who proved by their accomplishments that crime can be successfully addressed. I learn alot from these men. And I am grateful for their help. They will be an inspiration as we take on these issues in the 6th Congressional District.