Supporters of Scott celebrate the campaign at Square Celt in Orland Park!

March 13, 2022
1 minute read

Scott and the campaign had a wonderful evening at the Square Celt in Orland Park Sunday, March 13th. After the Southside Irish Parade, Scott, Scott's family, and the team headed out to Orland Park where more than 75 supporters gathered to enjoy one another's company at one of Scott's favorite places to eat--The Square Celt! Scott was joined by two Republican gubernatorial candidates--Gary Rabine and Darren Bailey. Liz Gorman, candidate for the 17th District Cook County Commissioner seat joined as well. Other candidates and friends rounded out a wonderful evening of food, fun, and fellowship.

Scott Kaspar and Darren Bailey Gary Rabine at Scott Kaspar Square Celt Event Liz Gorman at Scott Kaspar Square Celt Event