Scott Kaspar at the Southside Irish Parade

March 13, 2022
1 minute read

Scott participated in one of the great St. Patrick's Day traditions on Sunday, March 13th. The Southside Irish Parade started (or re-started so the story goes) in 1979 when two friends decided to build a legacy for their children and the people who take pride in Southtown. It was a sunny and chilly morning that warmed up nicely. After two years, everyone gathered again.

The streets were lined up with thousands of Chicagoans and others who celebrated this wonderful tradition. Scott and volunteers in the campaign shook hands and passed out candy to the children in the crowd. The crowds proudly displayed "Fire Pritzker" signs sharing their disgust for the outrageous closing of Illinois. A good time was had by all. And everyone was happy to join and celebrate this wonderful tradition.

Scott Kaspar with children in the Southside Irish Parade