Meet Scott Kaspar

Scott Kaspar is an engineer, lawyer, father and husband who is worried the American Dream he has experienced is at risk and drifting away from future generations.

Scott and his wife, Dr. Beth Damas, have called the wonderful community of Orland Park home since 2012, deciding to raise their family there because of its great schools, churches, sports, and youth programs. The Kaspar family is active in St. Michael Parish and School.

Public Safety

Ensuring our communities are a safe place to live, work, and raise a family is a top priority. I stand with the men and women of law enforcement who protect and serve our communities every day. At a time when radical politicians are calling to defund the police, it’s important that we support our law enforcement officers who protect our communities and ensure that our officers have the resources they need to keep our communities safe.

Why I'm Running

For the past four generations, my family has made a home and a living here in the 6th District. My father fled communism to come to the 6th District to raise my family.

My wife, Beth, and I are proud to call the 6th District our home, where we earn a living, attend church, and send our children to school. Every resident of the 6th District deserves to have these same opportunities.

In Congress, I will fight to make this District safe, to bring more meaningful job opportunities to the District, to invest in our children's education and give parents more educational choices, and to provide more healthcare choices, so that everyone in the 6th District can succeed.

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Second Amendment

The Second Amendment and public safety go hand-in-hand, and the federal government has a duty to protect both. I believe that the federal government may not infringe upon the constitutional right of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms to ensure Americans can protect their lives, property, and ultimately, their liberty. I believe our communities remain safe by funding and resourcing law enforcement, enacting and enforcing strong legal penalties for criminals, and permitting citizens to safely defend themselves and others.

National Security

Ensuring America’s national security is of upmost importance. Our government MUST provide for the common defense and a comprehensive national security strategy that addresses threats to our country posed by Iran, Russia, and China.


Our health care system is failing patients, providers, and taxpayers. Patient rights and choice should not be restricted. Hardworking families should not struggle to pay their medical bills. Washington bureaucrats should not dictate individual health care needs.

Creating Jobs and Supporting Small Business

As a private practice attorney and owner of small businesses that were disrupted by the pandemic and the Governor’s mandates, I’m a small businessman with experience not only in the Courthouse, but on Main Street. I’ve seen firsthand how over-regulation and federal red tape can disrupt business operations, hinder innovation, stifle job growth, and reduce competition. To maintain a growing economy, we must protect good paying jobs by keeping the government’s hands off of small businesses and maintaining tax and regulatory relief.

Stop Wasteful Spending

I’m a strong fiscal conservative who believes our ever-increasing national debt – and the spending problem that created it – to be the greatest danger to the prosperity of future American generations. We need to restore fiscal discipline to the budget process while also continuing pro-growth policies to unleash the full strength of the American economy. As your Representative, I will act to restore fiscal responsibility and end Washington’s spending problem.

Education and Workforce Investment

As a product of public education, I know the importance of quality high schools, effective technical colleges, and affordable, high-quality universities.