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Why I'm Running

For the past four generations, my family has made a home and a living here in the 6th District. My father fled communism to come to the 6th District to raise my family.

My wife, Beth, and I are proud to call the 6th District our home, where we earn a living, attend church, and send our children to school. Every resident of the 6th District deserves to have these same opportunities.

In Congress, I will fight to make this District safe, to bring more meaningful job opportunities, to invest in our children's education and give parents more educational choices, so that everyone in the 6th District can succeed.

— Scott Kaspar for Congress Illinois District 6

I stand for individual liberty. That's why I signed the Liberty Guard pledge. We need to get away from relying on government to solve our problems or allowing it to design our lives instead of leaving us to live our lives.

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We have a rare opportunity to retake IL-6!

Despite the fact that Democrats have used this years redistricting to discourage Republican candidates and suppress Republican voters, Illinois' 6th district remains uniquely in play.

With your help we can get there - will you join Team Kaspar and help us Flip The 6th in 2022?